All About the Chocolate


What makes the truffles special?

First and foremost – texture! They are smooth and creamy, rich but not overwhelmingly so. Unique flavors, layers and ingredients all come together for a completely one of a kind chocolate experience.

In addition, we don’t use just one base, but several different kinds of chocolate and milk options. Depending on the flavor, it could be a coconut milk or coconut cream base, just heavy cream, or a combination of both. To this effect, some of the truffles are dairy free, other’s are not.

If you have any dietary restrictions or concerns, please email us before placing your order. Thank you!

What about shelf life?

For optimum flavor and freshness, we recommend consuming truffles within 2 weeks. No preservatives are used to keep the truffles for an unnaturally long period of time. However, we know some people do like to refrigerate their truffles. If you do this, make sure to wrap them in plastic wrap securely and put them in an airtight container or ziplock bag. You can freeze the truffles as well. Again, this is not the best case scenario, but it can be done. Be aware that chocolate and drastic temperature change don’t mix well together. If you do decide to go the freezer route, make sure to put them in the fridge for 24 hours before and after they experience such low temperatures. The bottom line – like all good things in life, truffles do not last forever. Consume accordingly!